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Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights for Sale

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights revolutionize the way natural light is brought into a home. Perfect for any room, these skylights use a specially designed tunnel that extends from the roof to the ceiling, effectively illuminating spaces even in the center of your home. They stand out with their quick and easy installation, which can be completed within an afternoon. Not just a cost-effective lighting solution, these skylights offer a low-profile design, enhancing your home’s aesthetic while filling it with vibrant, natural light. They come with a 20-year tube warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance and quality.

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnels

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights, also known as solar daylight tubes or light tubes, are an innovative solution for illuminating every room in your house with natural light. These skylights are designed for easy installation, fitting seamlessly with various roof styles. Their optically engineered design features a high-impact dome on the roof, channeling light through a highly reflective tube. This system ensures the transmission of pure, natural light without any color shift. The adjustable pitch adapter simplifies installation and maximizes light capture, while the Flexi Loc™ system reduces installation time significantly, delivering superior daylight quality to the space below

Velux TMR Pitched Sun Tunnels

Velux TMR 010 10 inch Sun Tunnel Skylight
  • Optimal Light Capture: Pitched design and flexible structure for maximum light collection from all directions, ideal for northern exposures.

Velux TGR/TSR Low Profile Sun Tunnels

Velux TGR 022 Sun Tunnel Skylight
  • Design: TGR and TSR models integrate seamlessly with the roofline for a sleek and modern look. Perfect for Southern exposures with more light.

Velux TLR Flat Glass Sun Tunnels

Velux TLR Flat Glass Sun Tunnels
  • Compliant: TLR Flat Glass is perfect for developments where local ordinances do not allow acrylic dome tubular skylights.

Velux TCR Curb Mount Sun Tunnels

Velux TCR 014 Curb Mount Sun Tunnel
  • Curb Mounted: TCR has a one piece metal curb and low profile dome designed for mounting above the roof line on a raised curb.

Velux Wildfire Rated Sun Tunnels

Velux TZR Wildfire Sun Tunnels
  • TZR/TZRL/ TZRQ models feature a fireproof tempered diamond wire flat glass, allowing it to pass an ASTM E108 Class A Burn Brand Test

Velux Flexible Sun Tunnels

Velux Flexible Sun Tunnels are ingeniously designed to bring natural light into every part of your home, offering a versatile solution for spaces where traditional skylights may not be feasible. These flexible tunnels are perfect for areas with complex roof-to-ceiling distances, as they can bend to fit the unique angles of your home. The high-impact dome captures light efficiently, while the highly reflective tube ensures a pure, color-accurate transmission of sunlight. Additionally, the adjustable pitch adapter and innovative tube connection system simplify installation and maximize light capture, making these skylights a practical, yet aesthetically pleasing choice for any homeowner​

Velux TGF Low Profile Sun Tunnels

Velux TGF 014 Flexible Sun Tunnel Skylight
  • Design: Integrates seamlessly with the roofline for a cohesive look.
  • Dome: Strong, weather-tight, and low-profile, made from clear UV-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate.
  • Pitch Adaptors: Simplify installation by pivoting the tunnel.
  • Flexible Tube System: Includes an 8ft flexible tube for quick installation, featuring a seamless all-in-one elbow and tube system.
  • Durability: Impact models suitable for hurricane-prone areas.

Velux TMF Pitched Sun Tunnels

Velux TMF 014 Sun Tunnel Skylight
  • Optimal Light Capture: Pitched design and flexible structure for maximum light collection from all directions, ideal for northern exposures.
  • Dome: UV-resistant clear acrylic or polycarbonate dome maximizes light capture.
  • Pitch Adaptors: Enhances ease of installation by pivoting the tunnel.
  • Installation Efficiency: Comes with an 8ft flexible tube, featuring a seamless all-in-one elbow and tube system for quicker installation.

Velux Sun Tunnel Parts

Velux Sun Tunnel Parts cater to a variety of installation needs with tube extensions and light diffusers. The flexible extension tubes are particularly useful for adapting to unique architectural layouts, allowing for a custom fit in spaces where direct paths from roof to ceiling are obstructed. Alongside these, Velux offers a selection of light diffusers designed to enhance the spread and quality of natural light entering through the sun tunnels. These diffusers play a crucial role in evenly distributing light, mitigating glare, and creating a more natural and comfortable indoor lighting environment. 

Velux Solar Night Light
Velux Daylight Controller for Sun Tunnels

Rigid Sun Tunnel Extensions

Velux Rigid Sun Tunnel Extensions are a vital component for enhancing natural light in homes, particularly suitable for spaces where a direct, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling is available. These extensions are designed for longer tunnel lengths, featuring a highly reflective shaft that maximizes light output. The Rigid Sun Tunnel system itself stands out for providing up to three times more daylight compared to its flexible counterpart, making it an ideal choice for spaces like hallways, walk-in robes, pantries, and toilets which generally lack natural light.

Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 10 Inch Diameter

Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 14 Inch Diameter

Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 22 Inch Diameter

Velux Sun Tunnel Diffusers

Velux Sun Tunnel diffusers are essential for evenly distributing natural light from Sun Tunnels into rooms. They come in various styles, including decorative options, enhancing both lighting quality and room aesthetics. These micro-engineered diffusers are designed to complement interior décor, adding visual appeal. Their addition transforms the ambiance of a space, harmoniously integrating natural light with the room’s design.

Velux Sun Tunnel Light Kits

The Velux Solar Night Light and the ZTL Universal Electric Light Kit offer unique lighting solutions for Sun Tunnel skylights. The Solar Night Light, designed for use with VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights, provides a soft, moon-like glow at night, ensuring continuous illumination even when natural light is unavailable. This solar-powered light fits discreetly inside the sun tunnel and is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit when paired with the Sun Tunnel installation. On the other hand, the ZTL Electric Light Kit is compatible with both flexible and rigid VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights. It allows these skylights to serve as a light source during the night, enhancing their functionality and ensuring consistent lighting regardless of the time of day

Velux Sun Tunnel Installation Parts