Velux Skymax Large Span Skylights

Velux SkyMax Large Span Custom Glass Skylights

The SkyMax skylight is an impressive feature that spans up to 10 feet, providing twice the square footage of regular flat glass skylights while maintaining optimal thermal efficiency. To prevent leakage, the SkyMax includes a condensation channel, eliminating the need for weep holes.

The vinyl frame is reinforced with aluminum for added structural support for larger single light spans. The standard Quaker Bronze baked enamel finish is available, along with nine additional designer colors, including copper cladding.

This single light source is capable of spanning up to 32 square feet in any direction and reaching up to 10 feet high. It combines the thermal benefits of small skylights with the structural advantages of a larger aluminum-framed skylight. There is a range of high-end glazing options to maximize thermal performance.

The SkyMax skylight is available in anodized and high-performance designer color finishes in addition to the standard Quaker Bronze finish.

Custom Skylight Finish Colors

Our GSM SkyMax skylights are made-to-order with custom sizes. To ensure a perfect fit, we need precise outside curb dimensions for both width and height. Our skylights can be made up to 32 square feet and up to 10 feet in length, with a minimum outside curb dimension of 17.5 inches for width or height and a maximum of 120 inches for either dimension. We offer three standard glass options, including Solarban 70XL Clear, Solarban 70XL Gray, and Solarban 70XL Bronze.

Order Custom Glass SkyMax Skylights

To get a quote for VELUX large span glass SkyMax skylights call us at 1-800-667-5660. Alternatively, you can request a call back using our quote request form. Our skylight professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have about our products.

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