Modular Skylights Installed
Velux Modular Commercial Skylights
Modular Skylights Installed

Velux Modular Skylights (VMS)

VELUX America offers a line of Modular Skylights (VMS) designed in collaboration with architects from Foster + Partners. The system, available in six configurations, integrates ventilation and sunscreening components into a skylight design, making installation and customization easy. The configurations include Ridgelight with Beam 5°, Ridgelight 25-40°, Longlight 5-25°, Northlight 40-90°, and Atrium. VELUX Modular Skylights have been used in projects worldwide, including the renovation of Cornell University’s East Sibley Hall College of Architecture and the F.N. Burt Company Factory in Buffalo, New York.

The VMS system is pre-engineered and eliminates the need for complicated on-site installation processes. The skylights are available through select specialized VELUX commercial partners and come in fixed and venting configurations, with custom sizing, colors, and glazings available. The VELUX-supplied control system allows for integration with a building energy management system for ultimate energy efficiency.

Longlight 5-30°

This single-pitch option is well-suited for flat roofs and is also compatible with sloped roofs and flat roofing materials. The opening width in the roof ranges from 0.6 to 3.1 meters, with a slightly smaller range of 0.8 to 2.5 meters for venting modules. The rooflight installation pitch can be set between 5 and 30 degrees.

The benefits of this option include a sleek and understated look due to its low pitch design. It also provides additional natural light to hallways, corridors, and larger rooms. Furthermore, it offers great value-for-money since it can be installed quickly and without complications.

Velux Longlight Modular Skylights
Modular Custom Skylights

Wall-mounted Longlight 5-45°

This series of rooflights is designed to connect buildings of different heights, featuring a flat roof as the base and a vertical wall at the top. It is suitable for use with flat roofs, and the opening width in the roof ranges from 0.6 to 3.2 meters (0.8 to 2.6 meters for venting modules). The installation pitch for the rooflights ranges from 5 to 45 degrees.

The key benefits of this rooflight series include its ability to facilitate innovative solutions for both new buildings and extensions, while also providing increased daylight, height, and space to a room. Additionally, it offers fast and easy installation.

Northlight 25-90°

This is a series of rooflights that are ideal for sloped, shed, or sawtooth roofs, as well as for flat roofing materials. The rooflights have an opening width in the roof that ranges from 0.6 to 3.1 meters, with venting modules having a range of 0.8 to 2.5 meters. They can be installed on roofs with a pitch of 25 to 90 degrees.

One of the key benefits of these rooflights is their possibility for an upright design. Additionally, they prevent glare and allow soft light to enter when facing North. They are specifically designed for installation directly into sloped roofs, without the need for adding a sub-construction.

Custom Modular Skylight
Ridgelight Skylights

Ridgelight 25-40°

This product is a dual-pitched rooflight that can be installed on a flat roof or at the apex of a sloped roof. It is suitable for use with flat roofing materials and can accommodate an opening width of 1.1-4.5 meters (1.4-4.5 meters for venting modules) on the roof. The rooflight installation pitch should be set between 25-40°.

The key benefits of this product include maximizing daylight and thermal comfort, adding a feeling of spaciousness to the area below, and providing a self-supporting solution.

Center Ridge I-Beam Ridgelight

Two dual-pitched rooflights can be installed adjacent to each other on a steel beam to create a ridge. Please note that the steel beam must be obtained from a separate vendor.

This configuration is appropriate for both flat and pitched roofs with large roof openings, and the rooflight installation pitch can range from 5° to 40°.

The key advantages of this design are that it provides ample daylight and thermal comfort, enhances the sense of spaciousness in the area below, and offers great design flexibility.

Ridgelight Modular Skylight Customs
Velux Step Longlight Ridgelight

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

A large glass roof can be created by connecting several rows of skylight modules, making it suitable for flat roofs and flat roofing materials. This solution is ideal for roof openings that are extra large, and can be installed on pitches ranging from 5-25°. One of the key advantages is that it is a prefabricated solution for creating large, glazed roofs, and its design is elegant with the option of slim beams between the rows or steps. Additionally, this solution allows for maximum daylight to filter through the roof.

Atrium Longlight/Ridgelight

These skylight modules can be arranged in multiple rows to form a spacious glass roof, making them well-suited for use on flat roofs and compatible with various flat roofing materials. The modules are designed to accommodate extra large roof openings and can be installed on pitches ranging from 5 to 40 degrees. The key advantages of these skylight modules include their ability to facilitate the creation of expansive glazed roofs, as well as their simple, quick, and secure installation process, which provides great design flexibility.

Velux Step Longlight Ridgelight

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