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Velux Self Flashing Skylights

Velux QPF Skylights - Self Flashing Deck Mount

The Velux QPF Skylight series is distinguished by its innovative self-flashing design, making it an ideal choice for easy and efficient installations. This unique feature allows for a seamless integration with sloped shingle roofs, providing a watertight seal without the need for additional flashing. The self-flashed construction not only simplifies installation but also enhances the overall durability and weather resistance of the skylights. Coupled with energy-efficient, tempered, Low-E3 glass, the Velux QPF series excels in bringing natural light into any space while maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for transforming darker areas in homes, these skylights are a testament to Velux’s commitment to practicality and innovation in daylighting solutions

Velux QX Skylights - Pan Flashed Deck Mount

The Velux QX Pan Flashed Skylights line represent a perfect fusion of advanced design and practicality, specifically crafted for seamless integration with a range of roofing materials. These skylights are renowned for their self-flashed design, which simplifies installation and ensures a watertight seal. The pre-installed metal pan-flashing is specially designed for use with roofing sealant-based installations, particularly on thinner materials like asphalt shingles. This design feature is not only efficient for installation but also adds to the durability and longevity of the skylights. Additionally, the welded and painted flashing joints enhance the overall strength and resilience of the system. The Velux QX Pan Flashed Skylights are an exemplary choice for those seeking reliable, high-quality skylights that combine ease of installation with a robust and efficient design