Cluster Skylights and Tandem Skylights

Cluster skylight systems are noted as the most economical among commercial skylights, making them an attractive option for large-scale projects where budget constraints are a consideration.

Acrylic Dome Cluster Skylights

Cluster skylights are designed for large, expansive spaces, providing maximum daylight and a dramatic aesthetic effect. These systems use site-built structural grid supports, which are especially suited for flat roof applications.

This system allows for the incorporation of more natural light into expansive enclosed spaces using acrylic dome unit skylights, which are available in widths up to 8 feet and unlimited lengths. 

By utilizing cluster skylight systems with site-built structural grid supports, the amount of daylight can be maximized and controlled to provide maximum benefits for large commercial spaces.

Pyramid Dome Skylight Cluster

Cluster systems are ideal for creating dramatic daylighting in large enclosures, with site-built structural grid supports on flat roof applications. Additionally, an extruded gutter configuration is available for applications requiring extra water carrying capacity or joining continuous vaults.

Tandem Skylight Domes

Tandem Skylights

Tandem units offer a seamless look with side-by-side dome skylight assembly, which brightens and lightens the space. Structural purlins separate the domes, eliminating the need for site-built support and facilitating faster installation.

The domes can be single or double-glazed and come in both dome and pyramid shapes, offering a range of aesthetic choices

Customizable and Flexible Commercial Skylights

These systems are customizable with widths up to 8 feet and unlimited lengths, mounted on site-built or prefabricated curbs. The curb frame, made of extruded aluminum, includes a built-in condensation gutter and counter-flashing downward leg. The design capabilities of cluster and extruded gutter systems provide versatile options for skylighting large enclosures, adding to their appeal in a variety of architectural contexts.

Skylight Finish Options

Multiple finish options are available, including architectural finishes like FEVE, polyester powder coatings, PVDF, anodized finishes to meet AAMA specifications, and copper cladding, providing additional customization possibilities. Please note that different finishes come with different warranty periods. Ask your Replacement Skylights representative which is best for you.

Drainage and Water Management

These systems often include an extruded gutter configuration for extra water carrying capacity, particularly important in continuous vaults or areas with significant rainfall. The minimum slope for proper drainage on flat roofs is ¼-inch per foot.

Order Cluster or Tandem Skylights

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Cluster Dome Skylights