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Velux Skylights

At Replacement Skylights, we proudly stand as an authorized dealer of Velux Skylights, a hallmark of excellence in the skylight industry. Committed to delivering top-tier customer service, our online platform simplifies your experience, allowing you to effortlessly browse and purchase a wide range of Velux Residential Skylights.

Each purchase is a seamless process, with the convenience of having your chosen skylights shipped directly to your doorstep. Our partnership with Velux ensures that you receive not only premium products but also the expertise and support that come with decades of experience in enhancing homes with natural light and fresh air. Trust in Replacement Skylights to illuminate your space with quality, innovation, and ease.

Where to Buy Velux Skylights

Velux Deck Mounted Skylights

Velux Deck Mounted Skylights are a perfect blend of innovation and elegance, designed to seamlessly integrate into your deck or roofing structure. These skylights offer a sleek, low-profile appearance, sitting flush with the deck, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing look. Engineered for durability and optimal thermal efficiency, they bring in abundant natural light and fresh air, transforming your indoor spaces. Ideal for both new installations and replacements, Velux Deck Mounted Skylights enhance your home’s ambiance, energy efficiency, and value, making them a smart and stylish choice for homeowners looking to elevate their living environment.

Velux FS S01 Fixed Deck Mounted Skylights

Velux FS Fixed Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Referred to as a “Fixed” or non-operable skylight because it does not open.
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design enhances natural lighting without compromising roof aesthetics.
  • Available in various sizes for increased placement versatility.
  • Compatible with all VELUX shades, offering superior light management – certain shades eligible for complimentary pre-installation.
  • Install Velux flashing kit to qualify for the No Leak Warranty.
  • Qualifies for the Federal Solar Tax Credit* when paired with Solar Shades.
Starting at $300
Velux QPF 2230 Self Flashed Skylight

Velux QPF Self Flashing Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Easy-to-install watertight seal with self-flashed design, ideal for thin roofing materials like asphalt shingles.
  • Features pre-installed metal self-flashing, crafted for use with roofing sealant-based installation.
  • Boasts welded and painted flashing joints, ensuring both strength and durability.
  • Comes with a pre-finished white interior wood frame, offering a classic yet versatile appearance.
  • Compatible with factory-installed shades, allowing for a complete and cohesive look
  • Fixed skylight, does not open.
Starting at $316
Velux VS M08 Venting Skylight Replacement

Velux VS Manual Venting Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Opens to enhance air quality and comfort.
  • Manual operation with control rods or handle.
  • Neat® glass for less spotting and noise.
  • Deck-mounted with durable wood and metal finishes.
  • Comprehensive 10 Year warranty coverage.
Starting at $588
Velux VSE M06 Deck Mount Electric Skylight

Velux VSE Electric Venting Deck Mounted Skylights

  • The “Fresh Air” Skylight
  • Provides abundant daylight and fresh air at a button’s touch.
  • Deck and curb-mount options with a pre-finished white wood frame.
  • Neat® glass for smoother surface and reduced noise.
  • Integrated rain sensor for automatic closure.
  • Covered by extensive No Leak Warranty
Starting at $1279
Velux VSS S01 Solar Venting Smart Skylight

Velux VSS Solar Venting Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Solar Powered: Features a remote-controlled, solar-powered design that requires no wiring, facilitating easy and cost-effective installation​​.
  • Rain Sensors: Equipped with integrated rain sensors that automatically close the skylight in inclement weather​​.
  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass: Comes with Neat® glass, offering a smooth surface that reduces water spotting and cuts down outside noise significantly​​.
  • Insect Screen: Includes a standard insect screen to keep pests out​​.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation: The skylight vents open to allow fresh air into the home, essential for health and well-being
Starting at $1279
Velux Flat Roof Skylights

Velux CFU Curved Glass Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Designed for flat or low-pitch roofs, enhancing spaces with natural light.
  • CurveTech tempered glass top cover for efficient rainwater drainage and more daylight.
  • Durable design: scratch-proof tempered glass and insulated PVC frame.
  • Maintenance-free with natural rainwater cleaning and element-resistant toughened glass.
  • Excellent thermal values: U-factor = 0.30, SHGC = 0.42, Visible Transmittance (Vt) = 0.58
Starting at $807
Velux QX Acrylic Dome Skylight

Velux QX Pan Flashed Dome Deck Mounted Skylights

  • Designed for deck mounting, suitable for varied roof pitches.
  • Accommodates roof slopes from flat (0 degrees) to steep (60 degrees).
  • Fully encapsulated skylight frame with complete thermal break.
  • Exterior finished in a neutral grey with a mill finish.
  • Enhanced insulation with a double-layer acrylic dome, featuring a clear top dome over a white base dome.
Starting at $105

Velux Curb Mounted Skylights

The Velux Curb Mounted Skylight series stands out for its innovative design and practicality, distinguishing itself from traditional deck-mounted options. Unlike deck mounts that integrate directly into the roof deck, these curb-mounted skylights sit above the roofline on a raised frame or “curb,” offering enhanced versatility and easier installation, especially for flat or unconventional roof types. This design provides superior water drainage and increased protection against leaks.

Each skylight in this series features robust construction and high-quality glass, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and clear, natural light. The raised profile not only adds an architectural detail but also allows for more flexibility in placement, making the Velux Curb Mounted Skylight series a top choice for both renovation projects and new constructions.

Velux FCM 3046 Skylight Replacement

Velux FCM Fixed Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Curb-Mounted Design: Flexible installation with no specific orientation required.
  • Maintenance-Free Frame: Durable and requires minimal upkeep.
  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass: Ensures clarity, tranquility, and security.
  • Daylight Enhancement: Optimizes natural light entry into interiors.
  • No Leak Promise: Offers reliability and protection against weather elements.
Starting at $178
Velux VCM 3046 Manual Venting Curb Mount Skylight

Velux VCM Manual Venting Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Curb-Mounted Design: Flexible installation with no specific orientation required.
  • Maintenance-Free Frame: Durable and requires minimal upkeep.
  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass: Ensures clarity, tranquility, and security.
  • Daylight Enhancement: Optimizes natural light entry into interiors.
  • No Leak Promise: Offers reliability and protection against weather elements.
Starting at $527
Electric Venting Curb Mounted Skylight

Velux VCE Electric Venting Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Easy Operation: Opens with a touch of a button for fresh air and natural light, with a simple 20’ hardwire connection to a standard junction box​​.
  • Maintenance-Free Frame: Features a white, maintenance-free interior frame and sash, enhancing durability​​.
  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass: Equipped with Neat® glass for reduced water spotting and significantly less outside noise​​.
  • Rain Sensors: Includes an integrated rain sensor for automatic closing in inclement weather​​.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation: Designed to improve home ventilation, essential for health and well-being
Starting at $1310
Velux VCS 3046 Solar Venting Curb Mount Skylight

Velux VCS Solar Venting Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Solar Powered: Remote-controlled and solar-powered, requiring no wiring for easy, cost-effective installation​​.
  • Rain Sensors: Integrated rain sensor automatically closes the skylight during inclement weather​​.
  • No Leak Promise: Offers a 10-year installation warranty, 20 years on glass, and 10 years on the product​​.
  • Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass: Features Neat® glass for smoother surface, reduced water spotting, and significantly less outside noise​​.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation: Enhances home ventilation, crucial for health and well-being
Starting at $1310
Velux FXG Acrylic Dome Skylights

Velux FXG Acrylic Dome Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Versatile Roof Compatibility: Suitable for 0° to 60° roof pitches.
  • Curb-Mounted: Designed for easy installation on raised curbs.
  • Thermally Broken Frame: Encapsulated inner frame provides enhanced insulation.
  • Acrylic Glazing Options: Available with standard clear over clear or clear over white acrylic, and bronze over clear glazing for custom orders.
  • Neutral Exterior Color: Comes in a subtle, neutral gray color to blend with various roof designs​
Starting at $308
Velux FX Double Dome Curb Mounted Skylight

Velux FX Acrylic Dome Curb Mounted Skylights

  • Curb Mounted: Designed for easy installation on raised curbs, suitable for various roof types.
  • Roof Compatibility: Compatible with roofs having a pitch between 0 to 60 degrees.
  • Thermal Efficiency: Features an encapsulated, 100% thermally broken frame for improved insulation.
  • Aesthetic Design: Comes with a mill finish in neutral grey, offering a sleek and modern look.
  • Double Dome Construction: Utilizes a double acrylic dome design for enhanced insulation and clarity
Starting at $99

Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Velux Sun Tunnels are a revolutionary solution for lighting up your home with natural sunlight. Ingeniously designed, they channel daylight from your roof directly into your rooms. This not only brightens up your space but also cuts down on electricity costs. Moreover, Velux Sun Tunnels are incredibly easy to install, making them a popular choice for both new constructions and renovations. Also known as solar tubes, their sleek, unobtrusive design blends seamlessly with any roof style, ensuring aesthetic appeal. Plus, they’re built to last, with high-quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to brighten a dark hallway or add a natural light source to your living room, Velux Sun Tunnels provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Velux TSR 010 0000 Low Profile Sun Tunnel

Velux Flexible and Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights

  • Variety in Types: Rigid and flexible tube options.
  • Efficient Light Transmission: Maximum daylight capture.
  • Durable Glazing: Multiple climate-appropriate options.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and straightforward setup.
  • Aesthetic Design: Seamlessly integrates with roofs.
Starting at $217

Velux Roof Hatch Skylights

Velux CXP Roof Hatches are a game-changer in the realm of flat roof solutions, offering both practicality and elegance. Designed for easy access to flat roofs, they blend functionality with safety, featuring a secure lock system and a robust construction that ensures durability. The CXP Roof Hatches are available in various sizes, accommodating different architectural needs. Furthermore, their sleek design ensures a seamless integration with the building’s aesthetic. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties, these hatches provide a safe and stylish way to access roof terraces or perform roof maintenance. With Velux CXP Roof Hatches, experience an innovative blend of safety, convenience, and style for your flat roofing needs.

Roof Hatches

Velux CXP Roof Hatch Skylights

  • Easy Roof Access: Simplifies maintenance and terrace entry.
  • Secure Locking: Enhanced safety and security.
  • Durable Build: Long-lasting, robust construction.
  • Various Sizes: Suitable for diverse architectural needs.
  • Seamless Design: Aesthetically pleasing, integrates well with roofs.
Starting at $1399