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Velux Acrylic Dome Skylights - Double Domed

The Velux Acrylic Dome Skylights, encompassing the FX, FXG, and QX models, are designed for flat roof applications, offering a mix of robustness, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. These double-domed skylights feature a durable acrylic build, with the FXG model notably including a 100% thermally broken encapsulated inner frame and customizable glazing options for enhanced insulation and light control. The range also boasts high-performance and traditional domes, engineered for optimal sunlight harvesting and weather resistance, with additional options like hurricane-resistant glazing and architecturally striking designs like the Dynamic Dome, which extends daylight hours. Available in both standard and custom sizes with a neutral gray exterior, these skylights are suitable for diverse architectural needs in commercial and residential settings.

Velux FXG Acrylic Dome Skylights

Velux FXG Series acrylic dome skylights can be purchased with several glazing options. Choose from clear over clear double domed skylights, white over clear or bronze over clear tinted acrylic domes. Double domed skylights help with energy efficiency and do a great job of bringing in the right amount of natural light.

Velux FX Acrylic Dome Skylights

The Velux FX Series skylights are designed for varied roof pitches, featuring a double domed acrylic design for robust weather resistance and energy efficiency. These skylights provide reliable daylighting solutions, with options for clear or tinted glazing to optimize indoor light quality and thermal performance.

Velux QX Pan Flashed Acrylic Dome Skylights

The Velux QX Pan-Flashed series skylights offer a seamless integration with flat or slightly pitched roofs, featuring a double-dome acrylic design for enhanced durability and energy efficiency. This series is known for its ease of installation and effective water-tightness, making it a practical and reliable choice for bringing natural light into various indoor spaces.