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Transform your VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights into a night-time lighting solution with the Velux Sun Tunnel Electric Light Kit. It’s easy to install and perfectly compatible with specific VELUX models, ensuring safety and versatility.

  • Quick Installation
  • Compatible with 10/14 in. Models
  • Requires GU24 CFL Bulbs
  • Avoids Incandescent Bulbs
  • UL Listed and Recognized
  • Exclusive to VELUX Products
  • Enhances Existing Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel Light Kit ZTL 114


Lead Time: approximately 2 to 4 business days

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Velux Sun Tunnel Light Kit ZTL 114 Product Details

Velux Sun Tunnel Electric Light Kit

Illuminate your nights with the Velux Sun Tunnel Light Kit, designed to transform your VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights into a versatile lighting solution. This innovative kit, easily installed in mere minutes, nestles within the sun tunnel, just above the diffuser. It’s a perfect match for both rigid and flexible VELUX models, ensuring seamless integration.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Installation: Quickly fits inside the tube, right above the diffuser, making it a hassle-free addition.
  2. Compatibility: Ideal for 10 in. and 14 in. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights. Specifically designed for TGR, THR, TLR, TMR, TMF, TGF, TSR, and TCR models in size codes 010 and 014. For larger 22 in. models, the ZTL 122 light kit is your go-to choice.
  3. Bulb Requirements: Use a 9-13-Watt GU24 compact fluorescent bulb for 10 in. models, and a 13-26 Watt GU24 bulb for 14 in. models. Bulbs are not included, allowing you to choose the best option for your space.
  4. Safety First: The kit avoids the use of incandescent bulbs to prevent heat accumulation, prioritizing your safety.
  5. Certification: Crafted with UL listed parts, the kit is UL recognized, meeting stringent safety standards with specific conditions for acceptability.
  6. Exclusivity: This kit is not suitable for non-VELUX products or other VELUX models, ensuring a tailored fit for your existing VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights.

Please note: The VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight is sold separately. This light kit is designed to enhance, not replace, your current installation.

Transform your VELUX Sun Tunnel into a night-time wonder with this easy-to-install, safe, and specifically designed electric light kit. Embrace versatility and safety in your lighting solutions with the Velux Sun Tunnel Electric Light Kit.

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