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Enhance your VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight with the Velux Sun Tunnel 10 Inch Elbow ZTE 010 0000D, designed for precise light direction. Its flexible design allows for up to a 45° bend, ensuring optimal light flow. Tailored specifically for 10 in. VELUX models, it’s an indispensable component for custom skylight installations.

  • Flexible Installation
  • 45° Bend Capacity
  • Highly Reflective Interior
  • Compatible with 10 in. VELUX Models
  • Double Elbow Configuration Option

Velux Sun Tunnel 10″ Elbow


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Velux Sun Tunnel 10″ Elbow Product Details

Maximize the efficiency of your VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight with the Velux Sun Tunnel 10 Inch Elbow. This innovative rigid tube elbow is a vital component for custom installations. It’s designed to be versatile, fitting perfectly at the top, bottom, or middle of the tube shaft.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility in Installation: The elbow bends up to a 45° angle. This allows for precise direction control of the tube during installation, ensuring optimal light capture and distribution.
  • Reflective Interior: Its highly reflective interior enhances light transmission, brightening your space effectively.
  • Compatibility: Exclusively crafted for 10 in. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights, including TGR, THR, TSR, and TMR models in size 010. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance. This elbow is not suited for non-VELUX products or other VELUX models. It’s a specific fit for the mentioned models, ensuring a tailored solution for your skylight.
  • Double Elbow Configuration: Need a 90° bend? Simply install two of these elbows with a ZTZ 211 rotating coupler (available separately) for complete flexibility
  • Installation Requirements: While not required for all installations, this elbow is crucial for specific layout needs. It’s important to assess your space to determine if the elbow is necessary for your skylight setup.
  • Inclusion in Kit: Two rigid elbows come included with rigid VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights. Only purchase this piece if you need more than 2 elbows.
  • Separate Purchase: The Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight is sold separately, allowing you to customize your skylight solutions according to your unique needs.

Elevate your VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight installation with the Velux Sun Tunnel 10 Inch Elbow. It’s an essential tool for directing light precisely where you need it, enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of your skylight. Whether it’s a single bend or a more complex 90° turn, this elbow has you covered, ensuring a bright and well-lit space.

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