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The Velux Low Profile Sun Tunnel TSR 010 brings natural light into interior spaces efficiently and stylishly. Ideal for bathrooms, closets, and hallways, it combines functionality with a sleek design. Its easy installation and energy-efficient features make it a top choice for home improvement.

  • Rigid tubing
  • Low profile design
  • Suitable for 14°-60° roof pitches
  • 48″ tube length (expandable)
  • 99% reflective tube
  • Screw-free installation
  • Lights up to 200 sq. ft.

Velux TSR 010 Low Profile Sun Tunnel


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Velux TSR 010 Low Profile Sun Tunnel Product Details

Velux Low Profile Sun Tunnel Skylight – TSR 010

Brighten up your space with the Velux Low Profile Sun Tunnel TSR 010, a game-changer in natural lighting. This sun tunnel skylight is the perfect solution for bringing in energy-efficient natural light to interior areas. It’s especially suitable for rooms where traditional skylights cannot reach, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, and hallways.

Key Features:

  • Rigid Tubing Design: The TSR Sun Tunnel features rigid tubing, ensuring maximum light reflection and durability.
  • Low Profile Aesthetics: With a combination of plastic and metal flashing, this sun tunnel blends seamlessly into your roofline, maintaining the aesthetics of your home.
  • Optimized for Shingle Roofs: It’s specifically designed for shingle roofs with a pitch between 14° and 60°, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Extended Tube Length: Comes with 48 inches of tube length in the kit, which includes two elbows and a 24-inch extension. This makes it adaptable to various roof heights.
  • Highly Reflective Tube: Boasting a 99% reflective tube, it’s ideal for longer lengths up to 20 ft. You can extend it further with additional ZTR 010 extensions (sold separately) as needed.
  • Effortless Installation: The VELUX Flexi Loc tube system allows for an easy, screw-free installation, significantly reducing the time spent on the project.
  • Broad Coverage: Capable of lighting a room up to 200 sq. ft., it’s an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

Invest in the Velux Low Profile Sun Tunnel TSR 010 for a brighter, more energy-efficient home. Not only will it illuminate your space with natural light, but it will also blend in with your roof, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal. It’s a smart, sustainable choice for those looking to enhance their living environment with the magic of daylight.

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