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Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser 14 Inch – Add a touch of class with the Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser, perfect for diffusing natural light with style. These 14″ sun tunnel skylight diffusers bring elegance and functionality to any room.

  • Micro Fresnel: Focused, high-quality light
  • Triple Wave: Soft, wavelike pattern
  • Brushed Metal: Modern, sleek design
  • Prismatic: Even light distribution
  • Bubbles: Playful, joyful pattern
  • Neutral Light: Warm, golden tone

Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser 14″


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Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser 14″ Product Details

Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser 14 inch, tailored for 14″ diameter Sun Tunnels, is an essential enhancement that combines utility with aesthetic appeal. These larger diffusers are designed to integrate seamlessly with your interior, enriching both the function and style of your space. Let’s delve into the varied styles and their distinct advantages:

  1. Micro Fresnel Diffuser: Delivers sharply focused, top-quality light, ideal for areas where clear, concentrated illumination is needed.
  2. Triple Wave Diffuser: Imparts a gentle, undulating pattern of light, perfect for corridors or rooms where a subtle, dynamic light effect is desired.
  3. Brushed Metal Diffuser: Features a contemporary, minimalist look that echoes modern home fixtures, making it suitable for modern living spaces.
  4. Prismatic Diffuser: Guarantees a uniform spread of natural light in any room, particularly effective where a steady, even light is essential.
  5. Bubbles Diffuser: Projects a cheerful, lively pattern, excellent for children’s play areas or spaces needing a whimsical touch.
  6. Neutral Light Diffuser: Alters the light from a cool, bluish cast to a warm, amber glow, perfect for creating a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Each style is a slender film disc fitting snugly inside the ceiling diffuser, allowing for straightforward customization to meet your specific lighting and design needs. All Velux Sun Tunnel skylights are initially equipped with a frosted diffuser, easily interchangeable with these decorative variants to achieve your desired lighting effect and complement your room’s aesthetic.

These ornamental diffusers not only modify the light’s character in a room but also significantly contribute to the overall interior decor. The Velux Sun Tunnel Diffuser for 14″ Sun Tunnels is a key accessory in enriching living environments with naturally diffused light.

Diffuser Style

Brushed Metal, Bubbles, Micro Fresnal, Neutral Light (Amber), Prismatic, Triple Wave

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