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The Velux TZRL 014 Sun Tunnel offers a modern, efficient way to brighten indoor spaces with natural light. Designed for shingle roofs, it features a fireproof flat glass exterior, ensuring safety and compliance with stringent building codes. Its complete installation package allows for quick, hassle-free setup. No additional flashing kits necessary for installation.

Key Features:

  • Fireproof tempered glass
  • Flat glass exterior
  • Shingle roof specific
  • Easy installation flashing kit included

Velux TZRL 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight


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Velux TZRL 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight Product Details

Velux TZRL 014 Sun Tunnel: Innovative and Safe Natural Lighting Solution

The Velux TZRL 014 Sun Tunnel exemplifies state-of-the-art design in natural lighting solutions, ideal for modern homes. Its unique features set it apart:

  1. Fireproof Tempered Glass: The TZRL 014 is equipped with a fireproof tempered diamond wire flat glass. This feature ensures it passes the stringent ASTM E108 Class A Burn Brand Test, offering peace of mind regarding safety.
  2. Flat Glass Exterior: Unlike traditional acrylic dome tubular skylights, the TZRL model boasts a flat glass exterior. This design not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also ensures compliance with strict building codes and homeowner association regulations.
  3. Shingle Roof Compatibility: While the TZR model is versatile for tile, shingle, and metal roof installations, the TZRL is specifically designed for shingle roofs. This focus allows for optimized performance and compatibility with common roofing materials.
  4. Complete Installation Package: The TZRL model comes fully packaged with all necessary components, including flashing. This comprehensive kit facilitates a quick and easy installation process, significantly reducing installation time and complexity.
  5. Compliance and Ease of Use: The design of the TZRL 014 Sun Tunnel adheres to rigorous safety and building standards. Its user-friendly installation and high-quality materials make it a superior choice for bringing natural light into your home.

The Velux TZRL 014 Sun Tunnel is an excellent investment for homeowners seeking a blend of safety, aesthetics, and efficiency in natural lighting solutions. Its specialized features cater to modern housing needs, making it a standout choice in the realm of skylights.


Velux TGF

Model Size


Rough Ceiling Opening (in.)

15 1/4

Rough Opening Width (in.)

14 1/2

Rough Opening Height (in.)


Glass Type

Wildfire Glass, Impact


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