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The Velux TLR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight is a sleek, natural lighting solution, ideal for rooflines where acrylic domes are not permitted. It features a flat, low-profile design and is designed for shingle roofs with pitches between 14° and 60°.

Key Features:

  • Low Profile Flat Glass
  • Durable Metal Flashing
  • Flexi Loc Tube System
  • Adjustable Elbow
  • Customizable Ceiling Ring
  • Eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credit

Velux TLR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight


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Velux TLR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight Product Details

The Velux TLR 014 RigidSun Tunnel Skylight stands out as a sleek, innovative solution for natural lighting. Its flat profile seamlessly integrates with your roofline, making it ideal for areas where local ordinances restrict acrylic domes. Designed for shingle and other low-profile roofing materials, this product works best with a roof pitch between 14° and 60°. It’s available exclusively in a 14” rigid model, catering to straight, unobstructed paths from roof to ceiling.

Key features include:

  1. Low Profile Flat Glass: This design ensures a sleek appearance on any roofline.
  2. Metal Flashing: This component guarantees maximum durability and prevents water penetration, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  3. Flexi Loc Tube System: This system from VELUX offers a quick and easy installation process for the reflective tube sections.
  4. Adjustable Elbow: The adjustable elbow can rotate up to 45 degrees, with each elbow measuring 12 inches, providing flexibility in installation.
  5. Ceiling Ring: It diffuses light efficiently into the space with an energy-efficient frost dual diffuser, which can be customized to fit various decor styles.

The skylight is 14 inches in size, with a recommended maximum install length of 30 feet. Additionally, VELUX rigorously tests its materials, ensuring that the skylights are safe and reliable​​​​.

Moreover, the product is compatible with a range of accessories, including diffuser options and the VELUX Solar Night Light. Adding the Solar Night Light not only enhances functionality but also makes this product eligible for a Federal Solar Tax Credit, offering a 30% tax credit on both the product and installation​​​​.

In conclusion, the Velux TLR 014 Sun Tunnel is a top-tier choice for those seeking a combination of stylish design, durability, and energy efficiency in their natural lighting solutions.


Velux TGF

Model Size


Rough Ceiling Opening (in.)

15 1/4

Rough Opening Width (in.)

14 1/2

Rough Opening Height (in.)


Dome Type

Acrylic Dome, Impact Dome


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