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Illuminate expansive rooms with the Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 22″ – 6 Foot Rigid Extension Tubes. Designed for 22 in. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights, this set features three 2-foot tubes, making it perfect for large areas and high ceilings. The wide diameter and reflective interior, combined with an easy Flexi Loc installation system, ensure it’s an effective choice for skylight extensions in spacious settings.

  • 6 Foot Extension: Comprises three 2 foot segments
  • Large Diameter: Amplifies light in bigger spaces
  • Reflective Surface: For enhanced brightness
  • Simple Installation: Screw-free setup with Flexi Loc system
  • Designed for Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights: TGR, THR, TSR, TMR (size 022)

Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 22″ – 6 ft.


Lead Time: approximately 2 to 4 business days

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Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 22″ – 6 ft. Product Details

Velux Sun Tunnel Extension 22″ – 6 Foot Rigid Extension Tubes

Revitalize your larger living spaces with the Velux Sun Tunnel 22″ – 6 Foot Rigid Extension Tubes. This kit, including three 2 foot segments, is custom-made for 22 in. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights. It’s an ideal choice for areas that require substantial enhancement in natural lighting, such as spacious rooms or those with high ceilings.

These tubes boast a highly reflective interior, effectively capturing and directing sunlight to brighten your space. The 22-inch diameter significantly increases the volume of light, making it perfect for larger areas where additional lighting is needed.

The VELUX Flexi Loc system simplifies the installation process. This screw-free design facilitates quick and easy assembly, saving time and effort in your lighting project.

Note that these tubes are specifically designed for 22 in. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights and are not compatible with other sizes or non-VELUX products.

Offering a total length of 6 feet, these tubes provide flexibility for your natural lighting needs. The optimal tube length for effective lighting is 20 ft., and the VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight is sold separately.

Choose the Velux Sun Tunnel Extensions for a powerful solution to illuminate your home with natural light, enhancing both ambiance and comfort.

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Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights

Flexible Sun Tunnel Skylights

If you need to install ducts around obstacles in the loft space, flexible sun tubes are the recommended option. These are the easiest to install due to the material’s maneuverability.

Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights

Although they can be slightly maneuvered, rigid tubes are best suited for situations where there is a clear, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling.