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The curb mount Velux TCR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel skylight has an ultra reflective solar tube perfect for installations with long pathways from the roof to ceiling. It provides a straight, clear connection and ensures maximum light reflection..

  • Metal flash dome requires curb for installation
  • VELUX Flexi Loc tube connection system allow for easy installation
  • UV resistant acrylic dome
  • Impact domes available for hurricane prone areas
  • Ideal for low pitch and tile roofs
  • 4′ sun tube included
  • Maximum recommended solar tube length – 30′

Velux TCR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight


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Velux TCR 014 Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight Product Details

The VELUX TCR 014 curb mount Sun Tunnel Skylight offers a seamless integration with any home’s roof line, offering an easy and cost-effective way to brighten up the inside of a space. Its highly reflective tube ensures maximum brightness from natural light in even the longest installation paths. With just one afternoon devoted to its setup, this innovative skylight can transform homes quickly and easily!

Let the glorious sunshine into your home with a VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight. These ingenious lighting fixtures use highly reflective sun tubes to channel natural light from roof to room. Their compact design lets them fit in even tight spaces. Installing one is surprisingly easy and affordable, just add some afternoon sunlight for perfect illumination.


Velux TCR

Model Size


Rough Ceiling Opening (in.)

15 1/4

Outside Curb Length (in.)

20 7/8

Dome Type

Acrylic Dome, Impact Dome


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