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Transform your night with the Velux Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light. Harnessing solar power, it provides a gentle glow, enhancing your space after sunset. This eco-friendly light also offers eligibility for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

  • Solar-powered illumination
  • Discreet, in-tunnel design
  • Qualifies for Solar Tax Credit
  • Fits 10″/14″/22″ Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light


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Velux Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light Product Details

Illuminate your nights with the Velux Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light. This innovative product captures sunlight to power its LED bulbs, ensuring a soft glow when darkness falls. It’s designed to fit seamlessly inside your sun tunnel, offering discreet, efficient lighting. Not only does it enhance your nighttime environment, but it also qualifies customers for the Federal Solar Tax Credit, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. With optimal performance dependent on daylight availability and tunnel positioning, this solar night light is a smart addition to any sun tunnel installation.

Sun Tunnel Solar Night Light Installation

For optimal battery performance of the Solar Night Light, consider these factors: It needs ample daylight and a well-placed sun tunnel. The sun tunnel’s type, size, and roof placement matter. Also, the light’s position within the tunnel is crucial.

To boost performance, follow these steps: Install the light in a short, wide tunnel. Place the sun tunnel on the southern side of your roof, facing the sun. If light output is still low, position the Solar Night Light at the top of the tunnel. Ensure its solar panels face the sun for maximum efficiency.

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