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Velux Solar Venting Skylights

Velux Solar Venting Skylights, known as the “Fresh Air” Skylights, represent a significant advancement in skylight technology, blending eco-friendliness with practicality. These skylights are equipped with a small solar panel that efficiently harnesses daylight, even under cloudy conditions, to power a battery system. This battery system operates the opening and closing mechanism of the skylight, making it a self-sufficient unit that doesn’t require any external power sources. A key feature of these skylights is their rain sensor, which automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of rain, providing peace of mind and added convenience for homeowners. Available for both curb and deck mounted installations, Velux Solar Venting Skylights are versatile in their application, making them suitable for a wide range of architectural styles and roofing requirements.

All solar venting skylights qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Velux Solar Venting Deck Mount Skylights - VSS

The Velux VSS Solar Venting Deck Mounted Skylights are an eco-friendly and innovative daylighting solution. These skylights are designed for seamless integration with the deck of the roof, providing a flat, standard appearance that blends well with the roofing material. The highlight of these skylights is the solar panel attached to the base, which efficiently collects daylight to power the battery system that operates the skylight. This feature ensures functionality even on cloudy days, making them an efficient option for various weather conditions.

Velux Solar Venting Curb Mount Skylights - VCS

The Velux VCS Curb Mounted Solar Skylights exemplify state-of-the-art solar technology in home lighting and ventilation. Designed for curb-mounted installations, they offer a robust and elevated profile, which ensures a secure and weather-tight seal on the roof. These skylights feature an integrated solar panel that captures daylight to power a concealed battery-operated system, enabling the skylights to open and close autonomously. This design not only harnesses renewable energy but also provides the convenience of remote operation. Ideal for a variety of roof types, the VCS Curb Mounted Solar Skylights are an eco-friendly and efficient choice for homeowners seeking to enhance natural light and air circulation in their homes, all while embracing sustainable living practices.