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How to Open Velux Windows With A Pole

How To Open Velux Windows With A Pole

You may want to know how to open Velux windows with a pole if your skylights are out of reach. Firstly, let’s go over the accessories you will need for manually operating your venting, out of reach skylights and windows.

Telescopic Control Rod for Velux Venting Skylights ZCT 300

Manual Control Rod – Velux ZCT 300

  • The Velux ZCT 300 Manual Control Rod is designed to open manually operated Velux Skylights. It works with Velux Manual Venting Skylight models VS and VCM.
  • The manual rod for opening Velux windows comes with a reach of 6 to 10 feet, depending on the number of rods assembled.
Velux Replacement Hook

Replacement Hook – Velux ZZZ 202

  • The Velux ZZZ 202 replacement hook replaces the manual crank handle on VS and VCM skylights.
  • The hook is simple to install and provides a place for your ZCT 300 control rod to latch onto.

Angle Adapter Hook – Velux ZZZ 203

You May Also Need:

Velux Control Rod Extension 3 feet

Extension Rod – Velux ZCT 100

  • The Velux ZCT 100 extension rod adds an additional 3 feet of reach to your ZCT 300 Manual Control Rod.
  • With this extension rod you can access skylights in vaulted ceilings and hard to reach places up to 12 feet away eliminating the need for ladders.
Velux ZZZ 208 Extension for Handles and Hooks

Hook Extension – Velux ZZZ 208

  • The Velux ZZZ 208 extension is designed specifically to add length to hook adapters.
  • Add 2 inches of length to make your hook protrude from the skylight, making it easier to grab a hold of from long distances and odd angles.

How to Open Velux Windows Manually With A Pole

First, you will need to assemble your ZCT 300 manual control rod. The rod is easy to assemble with spring loaded rivets and holes. Determine the necessary length of your rod, and piece it together accordingly. Slide each piece together, making sure the spring loaded rivets snap into place.

You may need to replace a manual crank handle with a hook once you have assembled your control rod. This may require the use of a ladder to access your handle. The manual crank handle easily unplugs from your VS or VCM venting skylight. It looks and works just like an audio jack. Remove it from the skylight and replace it with the ZZZ 202 replacement hook or the ZZZ 203 angle adapter.

Now, you’ll need to carefully place the hook from the control rod into the eye of the hook on the Velux window:

Open Velux Venting Skylight With A Pole

Once you’ve connected the hooks, you can manually open or close your Velux skylight by turning the handle on the control rod while holding the upper handle stationary. Rotate the bottom handle in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion to operate the skylight window.

Operating The Velux ZCT 300 Control Rod

Poles Can Also Be Used To Open Hinged Velux Roof Windows

If you have a Velux roof window that is top-hinged or center pivot, the ZCT 300 control rod can also be used to open and close the unit.

Velux Extension Rod Opener


If you were wondering how to open a Velux window with a pole, we think we have you covered. All of the above accessories are for sale in the Replacement Skylights online shop. Shipping is fast and free on all Velux skylight accessories and parts.

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