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Velux ZZZ 203 Angle Adaptor for Venting Skylights

The ZZZ 203 angle adaptor offers a convenient solution for opening VELUX manual venting skylights in tight spots. It allows you to operate the control rod from almost any angle, ensuring your skylight can be opened and shut regardless of architectural features that may get in the way.


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Velux ZZZ 203 Angle Adaptor for Venting Skylights Product Details

Velux ZZZ 203 Angle Adapter

The VELUX Angle Adapter ZZZ 203 is a versatile accessory designed to make the operation of your VELUX roof windows, blinds, and shutters easier and more efficient. It enables you to control your VELUX products installed in hard-to-reach or angled locations, ensuring full control no matter the installation site.

The ZZZ 203 Angle Adapter is especially useful in spaces with high ceilings or complex architectural designs. It allows you to adapt the angle of your control devices, making it possible to reach and operate your VELUX windows, blinds, and shutters comfortably and safely.

Quality Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials, the VELUX Angle Adapter ZZZ 203 offers excellent durability and long-lasting performance. It’s designed to work seamlessly with other VELUX control devices, such as handles, hooks, and extension poles.

Easy Installation

With its easy installation process, the ZZZ 203 Angle Adapter ensures that you can optimize your VELUX products’ operation regardless of their placement. Its design makes it a practical solution for all types of VELUX installations, helping you create a comfortable and well-ventilated living space.

Please note: The use of the VELUX Angle Adapter ZZZ 203 should always be undertaken with care, especially when used to operate windows or blinds at high levels.


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