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Replacement Hook for Velux Manual Venting Skylights

The Velux ZZZ 202 Replacement Hook makes it easy to open and close VELUX VS manual venting deck-mounted skylights, even in rooms with soaring ceilings – perfect for those majestic cathedrals!

  • ZZZ 202 replacement hook for Velux Deck Mounted Venting Skylights (VS)
  • ZZZ 211 replacement hook for Velux Curb Mounted Venting Skylights (VCM)


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    Replacement Hook for Velux Manual Venting Skylights Product Details

    Velux Replacement Hooks

    The VELUX Replacement Hooks, specifically designed for manual venting skylights, offer a reliable solution for operating your VELUX deck and curb mounted skylights. These hooks are essential accessories that provide a secure connection, enabling easy opening and closing of your skylights to control ventilation and natural light.

    • ZZZ 202 Hook (for Deck Mounted Models): Tailored for VELUX deck mounted manually venting skylights, the ZZZ 202 hook ensures a smooth operation, allowing you to effortlessly control the airflow and lighting in your space.
    • ZZZ 211 Hook (for Curb Mounted Models): Designed for VELUX curb mounted manually venting skylights, the ZZZ 211 hook provides a secure grip and easy control, enhancing the functionality of your skylights.

    Quality Construction

    Constructed with durable materials, these replacement hooks are built to withstand regular use, providing a long-lasting performance. They are designed to fit perfectly with your VELUX skylights, ensuring a seamless and reliable operation.

    Whether you’re replacing a worn-out hook or upgrading to a more robust solution, the VELUX Replacement Hooks ZZZ 202 and ZZZ 211 are easy to install and offer an immediate improvement in accessibility and control.

    Enhance the comfort and functionality of your home with these specifically designed hooks, and enjoy the ease of controlling your manual venting skylights. Trust in VELUX’s quality and innovation for a reliable and satisfying experience.

    Please note: These replacement hooks are intended for manual operation only and are not compatible with electric or solar-powered VELUX skylights.


    Velux America Inc.

    Skylight Type

    Deck Mounted Manual (VS), Curb Mounted Manual (VCM)


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