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Velux Electric Venting Skylights

Velux Electric Venting Skylights are innovative skylight solutions designed for both curb and deck mounted installations. These skylights are particularly valuable for bringing abundant natural light into a space, enhancing the indoor ambiance and energy efficiency. One of their key features is the ability to open with just a touch of a button, allowing stale air to exit and fresh air to enter the room. This capability makes them a practical choice for ventilation, especially in areas where manual opening of skylights might be challenging. All electric venting skylights are hard wired and include the wall switch to operate the unit.

Velux Electric Venting Deck Mount Skylights - VSE

Velux Electric Venting Deck Mount Skylights redefine the way we experience natural light and fresh air in our homes. Specifically designed for deck-mounted installations, these skylights seamlessly integrate with the roofline, creating a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. The deck mount design makes them an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary architecture, offering a flush, harmonious look with the roof. With the simple touch of a button, these skylights effortlessly open to invite in a fresh breeze and natural daylight, enhancing the comfort and ambiance of any space. Built with convenience and style in mind, Velux Electric Venting Deck Mount Skylights are the epitome of modern living, offering an automated, energy-efficient solution for brightening and ventilating homes.

Velux Electric Venting Curb Mount Skylights - VCS

The Velux Electric Venting Curb Mount Skylights stand as a testament to contemporary architectural ingenuity, specifically crafted for curb-mounted setups. These skylights, distinguished by their raised design, provide a distinct and commanding presence on any roof, ensuring a secure and elevated installation. Ideal for varied climatic conditions, their robust construction offers durability and reliability. The integration of electric venting technology adds a layer of convenience, allowing homeowners to effortlessly infuse their spaces with fresh air and natural sunlight at the touch of a button. Perfect for both new and renovated homes, these skylights merge state-of-the-art functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating a well-lit, ventilated, and inviting living environment.