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Velux Glass Options

Velux Glass Options

Velux glass options are plentiful. Choosing the right glass for skylights is crucial for enhancing energy efficiency, safety, and comfort in living spaces. VELUX skylights feature the advanced LoE3-366® glass as standard, known for its Clean, Quiet & Safe attributes. This innovative glass technology not only ensures a cleaner appearance by whisking away rainwater and debris but also offers superior insulation against noise and temperature changes. It represents a significant upgrade from older acrylic skylights, ensuring durability, color stability, and leak-proof performance.

Features of Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

The standard glass in VELUX skylights, LoE3-366® glass, sets a high standard for clarity, comfort, and security. This glass excels in staying clean, thanks to its unique coating that repels water and debris. It significantly reduces external noise, creating a quieter indoor environment. Furthermore, its energy-efficient design ensures that homes remain comfortable in various weather conditions, without the risk of discoloration or leaks common in older models. This combination of features makes it an ideal choice for enhancing indoor living spaces.

Other Velux Glass Options

Your Velux skylight can also be purchased with glass options to suit various weather and lighting needs. Often, these types of glass are necessary to meet local building codes and standards. Always check with local building codes before ordering your Velux skylight.

Impact Glass

Impact Glass is engineered for homes in regions prone to severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes. It’s designed to meet stringent building codes that require wind-borne debris protection. This glass option offers homeowners peace of mind by providing additional safety and durability during storms.

White Laminated Glass

White Laminated Glass is particularly suitable for commercial settings or projects requiring diffused light. It ensures that 100% of the sunlight is softly dispersed throughout the room, minimizing glare and creating a uniform light distribution, ideal for spaces requiring soft, natural lighting without direct sunbeams.

Snowload Glass

Snowload Glass is tailored for areas with heavy snowfall, offering enhanced strength to withstand the weight of accumulated snow. This option ensures that the skylight remains leak-proof and durable under the pressure of snow, making it a reliable choice for colder climates.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is designed for safety, breaking into small, blunt pieces similar to car side windows to minimize injury risk. This glass option is ideal for lower skylight installations where safety concerns are paramount, providing a balance between durability and safety features.

Which Velux Glass Options Are Available For Each Model Skylight?

Most glass options are available for all Velux skylight models however, some glass types are special orders. Here is an easy to read chart with all Velux glass options and their availability:

Velux Glass Options for Skylights
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