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Velux Dynamic Domes Commercial Skylights

Velux Dynamic Domes

Enter VELUX Dynamic Domes, a pioneering skylight that redefines natural lighting in commercial spaces. Daylighting shapes the essence of modern architecture, merging aesthetics with sustainability. This innovative solution offers unparalleled light diffusion and energy efficiency, setting a new benchmark for daylighting technology. Its design enhances indoor environments, proving essential for architectural advancement. Let’s delve into how the Dynamic Dome elevates the standard for natural lighting solutions.

The Innovation Behind Commercial Dynamic Dome Skylights

VELUX Dynamic Domes stand out with its cutting-edge design, shaped by the goal to harness more daylight efficiently. Unlike traditional flat or bubble skylights, its unique geometry captures sunlight from early morning until sunset, enhancing indoor illumination. This design minimizes glare and hot spots, ensuring a comfortable and evenly lit environment. The innovation lies not just in improving light quality, but also in energy efficiency, contributing to reduced lighting costs.

Velux Dynamic Domes Acrylic Skylights

Key Features of the Commercial Velux Dynamic Domes

The Dynamic Dome is engineered for maximum sunlight capture, especially during low-light periods, enhancing indoor illumination. Its proprietary wicking system ensures condensation is efficiently removed, maintaining clarity and reducing maintenance. The skylight frame is 100% thermally broken, minimizing heat transfer for improved energy efficiency. Inspired by the robust structure of an octahedron, it combines architectural elegance with unmatched strength, redefining skylight design in both form and function.

Commercial Skylight Applications and Versatility

VELUX Dynamic Domes, with their striking design, extend daylight hours, potentially reducing artificial lighting usage by nearly an hour daily. This feature is especially beneficial in environments requiring extensive lighting, such as manufacturing and distribution centers, as well as transportation hubs and sports facilities. Its ability to harness early morning and late afternoon light underscores its versatility and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of commercial applications seeking both aesthetic appeal and energy savings.

Velux Dynamic Dome Technical Specifications and Unique Features

  • Sustainability Boost: The Dynamic Dome’s design has reduced its carbon footprint by 7.4%, marking a significant step towards environmental responsibility.
  • Enhanced Daylighting: A new prismatic outer dome structure increases light transmission by 20%, brightening spaces more effectively.
  • Optimal Light Diffusion: The white prismatic inner dome ensures 100% light diffusion, catering to larger spaces or specific building codes.
  • Sun-Matching Sidewall Design: The dome’s sidewalls are engineered to capture low-angle sunlight, enhancing morning and afternoon light intake.
  • Watertight Integrity: Dual layers of InstantGlaze sealants and a meticulously designed water management system guarantee impenetrable protection against moisture.
  • Structural and Thermal Efficiency: A one-piece aluminum frame with a PVC thermal break offers unmatched frame strength and thermal insulation, streamlining installation and moisture evacuation.
Velux Dynamic Dome No Leak Warranty

VELUX Dynamic Dome’s Innovative Water Management

In a market saturated with commercial skylights susceptible to condensation issues, VELUX Dynamic Dome stands out with its cutting-edge water management system. Unlike its competitors, this skylight’s design incorporates fail-safe mechanisms that efficiently channel condensation to the exterior, ensuring a dry and comfortable indoor environment.

With a seamless one-piece inner frame construction, it eliminates common leakage points found in traditional skylights, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind for building owners. Additionally, its 100 percent thermally broken frame technology creates a robust barrier against water infiltration, reducing condensation buildup and maintaining consistent interior temperatures for year-round comfort.

Furthermore, the VELUX Dynamic Dome offers comprehensive protection against external elements, including air, water, and insects. By effectively managing condensation and preventing leaks, it enhances the longevity and performance of commercial spaces, setting a new standard for skylight excellence in the industry.

Velux Dynamic Dome Interior View

Velux Dynamic Dome Size Chart

Model Size
Maximum Clearance
Outside Curb
Daylight Opening
28 1/4 x 52 1/4
27” x 51”
24” x 48”
28 1/4 x 100 1/4
27” x 99”
24” x 96”
28 1/4 x 124 1/4
27” x 123”
24” x 120”
40 1/4 x 40 1/4
39” x 39”
36” x 36”
40 1/4 x 64 1/4
39” x 63”
36” x 60”
40 1/4 x 76 1/4
39” x 75”
36” x 72”
40 1/4 x 100 1/4
39” x 99”
36” x 96”
40 1/4 x 124 1/4
39” x 123”
36” x 120”
52 1/4 x 52 1/4
51” x 51”
48” x 48”
52 1/4 x 64 1/4
51” x 63”
48” x 60”
52 1/4 x 76 1/4
51” x 75”
48” x 72”
52 1/4 x 100 1/4
51” x 99”
48” x 96”
52 1/4 x 124 1/4
51” x 123”
48” x 120”
64 1/4 x 64 1/4
63” x 63”
60” x 60”
64 1/4 x 76 1/4
63” x 75”
60” x 72”
64 1/4 x 100 1/4
63” x 99”
60” x 96”
64 1/4 x 124 1/4
63” x 123”
60” x 120”
76 1/4 x 76 1/4
75” x 75”
72” x 72”

Velux Dynamic Dome Glazing Options

When it comes to commercial skylights, Velux Dynamic Dome stands out for its exceptional quality and performance. Among its notable features are four distinct glazing options designed to meet various needs and specifications. Let’s delve into each option:

LuxGuard: Reinforced Protection

  • Thick Polycarbonate Construction: The LuxGuard option boasts a robust 0.118 thickness polycarbonate outer dome, engineered to endure high impact resistance.
  • Enhanced Durability: With increased resistance to chemicals and UV exposure, LuxGuard ensures longevity while minimizing yellowing and weathering effects.
  • Dual-layer Design: Its UV Guard Coextruded Polycarbonate composition comprises a smooth, clear outer dome coupled with a prismatic white inner dome, combining functionality with aesthetics.
  • Hail Breakage Warranty: Velux Dynamic Dome offers peace of mind with a 15-year warranty on LuxGuard options, covering hail breakage of up to 2” in diameter.
  • Proven Strength: Even after a decade of outdoor exposure, LuxGuard remains durable, being 10 times stronger than Impact Modified Acrylic.

LuxGuard Plus: Unrivaled Certification

  • Enhanced Thickness: With a 0.150 thickness polycarbonate outer dome, LuxGuard Plus surpasses stringent tests, particularly suited for high velocity zone testing requirements.
  • Certification Compliance: Ideal for projects necessitating certification, LuxGuard Plus includes Factory Manual certification to streamline compliance.
  • Persistent Strength: Like its counterpart, LuxGuard Plus maintains exceptional durability, boasting strength levels 10 times superior to Impact Modified Acrylic even after 10 years of outdoor exposure.

Impact Modified Acrylic: Fortified Resilience

  • High-Impact Construction: Crafted from 100% impact-modified materials, the smooth, clear outer dome of Impact Modified Acrylic is 10 times stronger than standard acrylic alternatives.
  • Inner Dome Reinforcement: Complementing its outer layer, the prismatic white inner dome is fortified to withstand impacts, offering six times the strength of general-purpose acrylic.

Basic Acrylic: Budget-Friendly Versatility

  • Cost-Effective Solution: For applications not requiring certification, Basic Acrylic offers a competitively priced alternative without compromising quality.
  • Straightforward Design: Featuring a smooth, clear acrylic outer dome paired with a smooth, white inner dome, it is a simple yet effective solution for various commercial buildings.

In conclusion, Velux Dynamic Dome commercial skylights offer a range of glazing options, each made to meet specific performance requirements. Whether prioritizing durability, certification compliance, or cost, there’s a suitable solution to elevate any project’s luminous aesthetics and structural integrity.

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