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Velux Trim Filler Kit ZZZ 213B

Outdated skylights can be easily and quickly replaced with VELUX’s innovative Trim Groove Filler Pieces! These pieces fit between the drywall edge and new frame, ensuring a secure seal that keeps out drafts for better insulation. They’re designed to work specifically with all standard VELUX deck mount models. One kit is enough for most sizes but two kits are required when using C12 or S06 structures. Each convenient pack includes three 57-1/2 inch multi-purpose filler strips so you get maximum coverage in one simple purchase.


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Velux Trim Filler Kit ZZZ 213B Product Details

Velux ZZZ 213B Trim Filler Kit

The VELUX Trim Filler Kit ZZZ 213B is a comprehensive kit designed to provide the perfect finishing touch to your VELUX skylights. This kit ensures a seamless fit and a neat, polished appearance that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your VELUX skylights and your overall interior décor.

The ZZZ 213B Trim Filler Kit includes custom-sized trim pieces that fit perfectly with various VELUX skylight models. These trim pieces serve to cover any gaps or imperfections in the installation, delivering a clean and professional finish.

Made with high-quality materials, the trim pieces in the skylight filler kit are designed to match the color and finish of your VELUX skylights, ensuring a consistent and harmonious look. They are also easy to install, coming with all the necessary hardware and a clear instruction guide for a hassle-free installation process.

The VELUX Trim Filler Kit is an ideal solution for those who value both functionality and aesthetics in their home. By covering gaps and providing a smooth, clean finish, this kit enhances the installation of your VELUX skylights, contributing to a beautiful and well-lit interior space.

Please note: For best results, the installation of the trim filler kit should be undertaken by a professional installer.


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