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Velux Structural Brackets ZZZ 219

Velux ZZZ 219 Structural Brackets for deck mounted skylight installations in oversized openings. Package contains 4 structural brackets. L shaped brackets are easy to mount on your roof. Bracket kit includes:

  • 4 L-Shaped Brackets
  • Screws for Mounting Brackets to Skylight
  • Nails for Mounting Brackets to Roofing


Lead Time: 7 to 10 business days

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Velux Structural Brackets ZZZ 219 Product Details

VELUX Structural Brackets ZZZ 219

The VELUX Structural Brackets ZZZ 219 are designed to secure your VELUX skylights in oversized openings, ensuring robust installation and long-lasting performance. These brackets provide the necessary support to your skylight, allowing it to withstand varying weather conditions and ensuring a firm and secure fit in your roof structure.

Constructed with premium materials, the structural brackets offer high durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring your skylights’ stability for many years to come. They are designed to perfectly fit VELUX skylight models, providing an efficient and reliable solution for the installation process.

Easy Installation

The ZZZ 219 Structural Brackets are easy to install, reducing the time and complexity of the installation process. They come in a pack containing all necessary components, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful installation.

The brackets’ design promotes optimal alignment and positioning of your VELUX skylights, enhancing the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of the installation. With these brackets, you can be confident that your skylights will stay securely in place, providing you with natural light and ventilation for years to come.

Please note: For safe and proper installation, the use of VELUX ZZZ 219 brackets should be undertaken by a professional installer.


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