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Velux Automation Intgration Kit KLF 200

Unlock the potential of your home control system with VELUX’s KLF 200, a revolutionary wall-mounted interface designed to bridge the gap between incompatible systems. By translating and relaying wireless commands from sensors and alarms – no matter what language they speak – this innovative technology lets you easily integrate VELUX electrical products into any existing setup without hassle or fuss. Take advantage of advanced controls today for greater convenience tomorrow.

The KLF 200 sensor interface controller can wirelessly control up to 5 groups of solar/electric powered skylights or blinds.


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Velux Automation Intgration Kit KLF 200 Product Details

Velux KLF 200 Automation Integration Kit – Sensor Interface

The VELUX KLF 200 Sensor Interface Controller is a cutting-edge device that provides a seamless connection between your VELUX INTEGRA® products and other home automation systems. It serves as a key interface, allowing you to control your VELUX windows, blinds, and shutters via a wide range of home automation systems, as well as third-party devices.

Designed to deliver optimal performance, convenience, and energy efficiency, the KLF 200 supports up to five individual or five groups of IO-Homecontrol products, allowing you to create a smart and energy-efficient home environment. It works with wired sensors and switches, enabling you to use your current home infrastructure without the need for additional wiring.

User Friendly Device

The device features a user-friendly, web-based interface that makes setup and configuration simple and straightforward. Additionally, it can be connected to your home network via an Ethernet cable, ensuring reliable and fast data transmission.

One of the standout features of the VELUX KLF 200 Sensor Interface Controller is its compatibility with a broad range of protocols, including KNX, RS-485, and potential connections to other home automation systems via binary inputs. This makes it a flexible and versatile solution for integrating your VELUX products into your smart home setup.

Improve Efficiency and Comfort

Enjoy the convenience of automating your home, managing sunlight and ventilation, improving your home’s energy efficiency, and enhancing your living comfort with the VELUX KLF 200 Sensor Interface Controller.

Please note: this product requires professional installation to ensure optimal operation and integration with other devices.


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