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Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch

Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch offers effortless control of Velux Integra products, including skylights and blinds. This wireless, easy-to-install wall switch is universally compatible, enhancing home automation with its sleek, neutral design. It’s an ideal solution for simultaneously controlling multiple devices, ensuring both convenience and style in your home.

Key Features:

  • Universally compatible with all Velux Integra products
  • Wireless control
  • Easy installation
  • Seamless operation
  • Multi-device control
  • Advanced setup options
  • Neutral design
  • Integrated security code


Lead Time: 2 to 4 business days

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Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch Product Details

Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch

Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch is a versatile and user-friendly control solution for all your Velux Integra products. This elegantly designed wall switch is universally compatible with a range of Velux Integra products, including skylights, blinds, and shutters, offering effortless operation of your home’s natural lighting and shading systems.

Universal Compatibility

The KLI 310 wall switch is universally compatible with all Velux Integra products, including electric and solar windows, interior blinds, exterior awning blinds, and roller shutters.

Velux KLI 310 Wireless Control

This switch operates wirelessly, providing a convenient and cable-free method to control your Velux products, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Simple Mounting

Designed for quick and easy wall mounting, the KLI 310 can be installed in any suitable location within your home, ensuring control is always within reach.

Seamless Operation

It is designed to open, close, and stop your Velux electrically operated products smoothly, offering an integrated user experience.

Multiple Device Control

Capable of controlling multiple products of the same type simultaneously, the KLI 310 wall switch is ideal for managing several units in unison, providing convenience and efficiency.

Advanced Setup Options

The switch includes two buttons for advanced setup, including a ‘Gear’ button for registration and operation configuration.

Neutral Design

Its neutral design ensures that it fits seamlessly into any home decor, blending functionality with style.

Integrated Security Code

Enhanced with an integrated security code, the KLI 310 ensures safe and secure operation of your Velux products.

Product Overview

The Velux KLI 310 Universal Wall Switch represents a perfect blend of functionality, design, and technology. It simplifies the control of natural light and privacy in your space, making it an essential addition to any modern, automated home. With its ease of installation, broad compatibility, and sleek design, the KLI 310 is more than just a wall switch; it’s a key to a more comfortable and convenient living environment.


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