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Velux Crank Handle for Manual Venting Skylights

Handles are available to operate manual venting skylights in within-reach applications.

  • ZZZ 201 handle for deck mounted manual venting skylights (VS)
  • ZZZ 212 handle for curb mounted manual venting skylights (VCM)



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    Velux Crank Handle for Manual Venting Skylights Product Details

    Velux Crank Handles for Manual Venting Skylights

    The VELUX Manual Crank Handle ZZZ 201 and ZZZ 212 are essential accessories designed to provide easy and efficient operation of your VELUX curb and deck mounted manually venting skylights. These handles ensure smooth opening and closing, improving ventilation and light control in your home.

    Designed specifically for VELUX manually venting skylights, these crank handles provide a comfortable grip and effortless operation. Whether you’re ventilating your space or adjusting the natural light levels, the ZZZ 201 and ZZZ 212 crank handles make the process simple and convenient.

    High Quality Construction

    These crank handles are constructed with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance. They are easy to install on your existing VELUX skylights, providing immediate improvement in accessibility and control.

    For Curb Mounted and Deck Mounted Manual Venting Skylights

    The ZZZ 201 crank handle is ideal for VELUX deck mounted skylights, while the ZZZ 212 is perfect for curb mounted models. Both handles are designed to match the aesthetics of your VELUX skylights, ensuring a harmonious look and feel.

    Experience improved control and comfort in your home with the VELUX Manual Crank Handles ZZZ 201 and ZZZ 212. These handles enhance the functionality of your manually venting skylights, making it easier to control light and air flow in your living spaces.

    Please note: These crank handles are for manual operation and are not compatible with electric or solar powered VELUX skylights.


    Velux America Inc.

    Skylight Type

    Deck Mounted Manual (VS), Curb Mounted Manual (VCM)


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