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Accessory Tray for Velux FCM Blinds Installation

This Velux accessory tray is required when installing VELUX skylight blinds in FCM skylights. Installing the tray in the skylight is quick and easy. Pre-mounted brackets make adding blinds a snap.

  • For all Velux Fixed Curb Mounted Skylights
  • Includes a foam gasket to seal tray to curb
  • Can be installed in new or existing FCM Skylights
  • Designed specifically to be used with VELUX products


Authorized Velux Distributor
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Accessory Tray for Velux FCM Blinds Installation Product Details

Velux Accessory Tray for FCM Blinds

The VELUX ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray is a versatile and essential addition to your VELUX skylight system. Designed to enable the seamless integration of VELUX blinds and other accessories, this tray ensures a perfect fit, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

The ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray is crafted to work with fixed, curb mounted VELUX skylights, providing a foundation for the addition of VELUX blinds or other compatible accessories. Whether you’re looking to install blackout blinds for better light control or pleated blinds for a decorative touch, this accessory tray allows for easy and secure installation.

High Quality Design

Constructed from high-quality materials, the VELUX Accessory Tray ZZZ 199 offers durable performance, ensuring that your accessories remain firmly in place. Its design is focused on providing a snug fit, minimizing any gaps and delivering a polished appearance.

Installation is made simple with the inclusion of all necessary hardware and a clear instruction guide. The ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray can be installed by homeowners with some DIY experience or by professional installers for a perfect finish.

Enhanced Versatility

Enhance the versatility and appeal of your VELUX skylights with the VELUX ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray. It’s the perfect solution for adding blinds or other accessories, allowing you to customize your skylights to suit your needs, preferences, and style.

Please note: The VELUX ZZZ 199 Accessory Tray is compatible with specific VELUX skylight models, and it is recommended to check compatibility before purchase and installation.


Velux America Inc.

Model Size

2222, 2230, 2234, 2246, 2270, 3030, 3046, 3434, 3446, 4622, 4646


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