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How to Remove and Install Velux Skylight Blinds

How to Remove and Install Velux Skylight Blinds

Table of Contents

  1. How to Remove a Velux Blind
  2. Can you replace the fabric on a Velux blind?
  3. Do Velux Skylights Come With Blinds?
  4. How much are Velux Blinds?
  5. How to measure for Velux blinds
  6. How To Install Velux Blinds
  7. How to fit Velux blind adaptor
  8. How to Open and Close Velux Blinds
  9. How to order Velux Blinds and Adaptor Kits

How to Remove Velux Blinds

First things first, you’ll need a ladder or step stool to reach the top of the window. Velux blinds come designed to fit perfectly into Velux roof windows, so you’ll find that removing them is not as complicated as you might think. Gather your tools; primarily, you’ll need a star headed screwdriver and possibly 6 screws if you’re planning on replacing the blind.

To remove the blind, start by locating the brackets at the top of the window frame. These brackets are typically secured with screws. Using your screwdriver, unscrew these to loosen the blind. Once the brackets are free, gently pull the blind from the top rail to remove it. Hear a click? That’s the sound of the blind disengaging.

Removal Steps Outlined:

  • Use a ladder or step stool to reach the window frame
  • Unscrew the brackets using a star-headed screwdriver
  • Remove the blind from the top rail
How To Remove Velux Blinds

Can you replace the fabric on a Velux blind?

Replacement fabric for Velux blinds is available, but changing the fabric is not as straightforward as removing and replacing Velux blinds entirely. Velux products often come with their own set of installation instructions, and it’s best to consult these before attempting to replace the fabric on your Velux blackout or manual blinds.

To replace the fabric, first, remove the blind following the steps outlined above. Then, locate the roller blind mechanism at the top of the blind. You’ll likely see screws holding the fabric in place. Unscrew these and carefully slide out the old fabric. Insert the new fabric securely and screw it back in place.

Key Steps Outlined:

  • Remove the Velux blind
  • Unscrew the screws on the roller blind mechanism
  • Insert and secure new fabric

Do Velux Skylights Come With Blinds?

Good question. While Velux skylights offer an influx of natural light, you might be wondering if they come with blinds. The answer is: it depends. Some Velux skylight models come with blinds, while others do not. However, Velux offers a wide range of blinds designed to fit almost all their skylight and roof windows. From blackout blinds for those bright mornings to energy blinds for better insulation, the options are plentiful.

If your Velux skylight didn’t come with a blind, don’t fret. You can easily buy Velux blinds that are a perfect fit for your existing skylight window. Simply measure the width and length of your window frame and get in touch with Velux’s customer service team to find the right product for you.

Key Steps Outlined:

  • Check if your Velux skylight comes with a blind
  • Measure the dimensions of your skylight window
  • Contact Velux’s customer service team for recommendations

How Much Are Velux Blinds?

Cost is often a consideration when it comes to window treatments. Velux blinds range in price depending on the type and features you choose. Manual blinds are generally more affordable, whereas remote control and solar-powered options come at a higher price point. Velux also offers specialty blinds like anti-heat and glazing options, which can be pricier but offer additional benefits.

To get the most accurate pricing, you’ll find it beneficial to measure your Velux window first. Once you have the dimensions, you can browse through Velux’s offerings online or give us a call at 800-888-3589 for a more personalized quote.

Key Steps Outlined:

  • Determine the type of Velux blind you want (manual, solar-powered, etc.)
  • Measure your Velux roof window
  • Contact Velux or visit their website for pricing information

How to Measure for Velux Blinds

Knowing the precise measurements of your Velux roof windows is essential for a perfect fit. First, climb your ladder or step stool to reach the top of the window frame. The easiest way to measure for blinds is to identify your model.

  1. Locate the product ID tag on your skylights.
  2. The first set of letters is your model, the next set of identifiers in the sequence contain your model size.
  3. Once you’ve identified all models and model sizes needed, place your order!

Alternatively, using a tape measure, capture the width and height of the window from edge to edge. Make sure to note down these measurements, as you’ll need them to order the right size.

How to Install Velux Blinds

How to Install Velux Blinds

Begin by clicking your new Velux blind securely into the top of the window. You should experience a satisfying click, signaling it’s properly positioned. Once that’s settled, use your screwdriver to affix the rail fittings at each side at the bottom of the window frame. Be certain these are screwed in tightly for maximum durability.

Proceed to install the side rails. Gently slide one side rail into the designated spots at both the top of the blind and the bottom fixture. When it slots in snugly, you’ll hear that reassuring click. Repeat this process for the opposite side, ensuring balance.

To reinforce your installation, utilize 6 screws to anchor the side rails by inserting them into the pre-drilled holes along the rails. Make sure these screws are tightly fastened to keep everything in place. Then, shift your focus back to the top of the blind to remove the red retaining clip.

Afterward, draw the string downward until it reaches the bottom end of the window frame. Take the detachable segment and snap it into its respective fitting located at the bottom. To complete the installation, unfasten the retaining clips at the top of the window.

Before declaring victory, don’t forget to clean off any residual dust from your newly installed Velux blind. And voila, your Velux blind is now fully installed and ready for action.

How to Fit Velux Blind Adaptor

If you’re transitioning from an old Velux blind to a newer model, you might need an adaptor kit. Fitting an adaptor is just as easy as installing the blind itself. Locate the brackets at the top of the window frame where the adaptor will go. Take your screwdriver and use the provided screws to secure the adaptor in place. Next, insert your new blinds into the fitted adaptor. Ensure that the blinds click into place and sit securely within the adaptor. And there you have it—your new blinds are fitted perfectly into your existing Velux window setup.

How to Open and Close Velux Blinds

Managing your Velux blinds is straightforward whether you have a manual setup or one that requires a pole for operation. For manual blinds, simply grasp the bottom rail and push up or pull down. It should glide smoothly along the side rails.

For blinds that require a pole, insert the pole’s end into the holder located on the bottom edge of the blinds. Twist the pole to open or close the blinds. Some Velux products, like Velux venetian or solar-powered blinds, come with a remote control for easier management. Simply use the remote to adjust the position of the blinds to your liking.

How to Order Velux Blinds and Adaptor Kits

Ready to make a purchase? Ordering Velux blinds and adaptor kits is simple. Once you’ve measured your Velux roof windows and know the dimensions, head over to the Velux Blinds section of our website to browse our selection of windows and blinds. If you prefer a more personalized touch, call our customer service team at 1-800-667-5660. We can guide you through the options and help you find the perfect fit, whether it’s blackout blinds, energy blinds, or even Velux Venetian blinds.

If you’re in a loft room or have a unique setup, Velux offers custom solutions to fit almost any space. So whether you’re replacing a previous Velux blind or installing a brand-new skylight, Velux has you covered. The Replacement Skylights site often includes how-to videos and step-by-step guides to assist you in both the buying and installation processes.


From removing your old blinds to installing a new set, we hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to tackle your Velux skylight blinds project. Remember, Velux blinds are designed to fit seamlessly into Velux roof windows, making both the removal and installation processes as smooth as possible. And if you hit a snag, Velux’s customer service is just a call away.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge and steps outlined in this guide, transforming your space with Velux blinds should be a matter of minutes. So go ahead, enjoy the quality and convenience that Velux products offer.

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