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How Much Does A Skylight Cost

How Much Does A Skylight Cost?

Skylights, what do they cost, and are they worth the investment? New skylights can add an aesthetic appeal to any home, allowing natural light to flood the living space and create a more open, airy environment. In 2023, skylight installation has become more varied and affordable, but there are still many factors to consider. From the size and shape to the type and number of skylights to be installed, understanding these factors can help homeowners make the right choice. This article explores the costs associated with skylights and answers crucial questions to consider before installing one.

Do Skylights Add Value to a Home?

Benefits of Skylights

Skylights have become a popular addition to many homes and commercial buildings. One of the principal benefits of installing a skylight is the ability to bring more natural light into a home. This can transform a dark and dull room into a bright and inviting space filled with sunlight. In fact, depending on the type of skylight, you can control the amount of light and even the quality of it, thereby enhancing the overall atmosphere of the room.

Energy Costs

Another substantial benefit is the potential to reduce energy costs. A well-placed skylight can help regulate the temperature inside, thus cutting down on heating and cooling expenses. The average skylight installation cost in 2023 might be seen as an investment that pays back over time.

Adding a new skylight is also a way to add value to your property. The aesthetic appeal and increased energy efficiency can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Whether it’s a flat-roof skylight or another shape, the style and functionality can make a significant positive impact on the property.


However, not everything about installing a new skylight is positive. The cost of skylight installation can be a barrier for some homeowners. The costs vary by location, and the national average cost to install a skylight may not align with everyone’s budget. It’s essential to find out how much does a skylight cost, including both product and installation, to assess if it fits your financial plans.

The size of the skylight also plays a role in its drawbacks. A large skylight on a flat roof, for example, might lead to energy loss if not properly installed. The installed cost of a skylight can be higher with intricate designs and top skylight brands, including extra features.

Skylight Installation Requires Expert Knowledge

Installing a skylight requires expertise. A DIY skylight installation may lead to leakages or structural problems if not handled correctly. Skylight installation companies might be needed to remedy issues caused by a novice installer. This can lead to higher costs in the long run.

Permitting can also affect the cost of the project and may impact the timeline. In some locations, a permit might be required if the skylight is a new installation, which can cost a little extra and require additional time and paperwork. Always check your local building codes before installlation.

Furthermore, skylight replacement cost can be a concern if the installation was not done correctly, or if the skylight will suffer extreme wear and tear over time.

Skylight Increases Home Value

The decision to install a skylight depends on weighing the benefits and drawbacks carefully. While the appeal of natural light and energy savings is attractive, costs vary, and skylight prices range can make the installation a significant investment. Residential skylight installation costs also differ from commercial ones, and the skylight installation cost factors must be fully understood.

Considering everything from the fixed skylight costs to the unique aspects of your home, the price of a skylight should be assessed with a holistic view of both benefits and drawbacks. From the aesthetic appeal to the practical concerns, understanding roof windows and skylights will help you make the best decision for your home or business.

How Much Do Skylights Cost? Skylight Installation Cost 2023

With the average skylight installation cost hovering around $1,750 — between a low cost of $1,000 and a high cost of $2,500 — installing a skylight is a project that may reap rewards for the right type of homeowner. The cost to install a skylight depends on several factors:

Costs By Size

The Department of Energy advises that skylight space should equal no more than 5% of the floor space to reduce energy loss and installation costs.

Cost Range
25-inch by 41-inch
$325 to $650
25-inch by 57-inch
$350 to $850
49-inch by 49-inch
$550 to $2,200

Costs By Shape

Choose the shape that works best for your space, and expect the following costs per skylight:

Cost Range
$175 to $2,225
$400 to $1,000
$550 to $3,500
Custom Skylight Costs

Costs By Type and Style

You can expect to pay the following for these styles and types of skylights:

Cost Range
Fixed Skylight
$325 to $1,600
Tubular Skylight
$500 to $950
Vented Skylight
$500 to $3,500

Costs By Framing Material

The framing material also plays a role in the total cost:

Cost Range
$225 to $1,600
$175 to $1,225
$350 to $2,750

Skylight Costs By Brand

Here are some common brands of skylights, and what each will typically cost to install:

Cost Range
$400 to $3,000
$200 to $1,800
$300 to $3,000
Velux Skylight 
$1,200 to $3,800

Understanding these factors and working with a professional skylight installer can help homeowners choose the right skylight that fits their budget and adds value to their home.

How Much Do Skylight Blinds Cost?

Skylight blinds are an optional accessory that can further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your skylight. These blinds provide control over the amount of natural light entering a room and can offer additional insulation. The costs vary based on the type, material, and whether or not they come with remote control options. Here’s a general breakdown on how function can affect the cost of skylight blinds:

Type of Blind
Cost Range
$100 to $250
$200 to $600
Remote Control
$250 to $700
Custom Skylight
$300 to $1,000

Selecting the right blinds can add comfort and contribute to energy efficiency in your home. Working with a professional skylight manufacturer can help you understand the best options for your particular skylight size and type.

Cost To Install A Skylight

How Much Does It Cost To Install Skylights?

The cost can vary widely based on whether it’s a residential or commercial project, curb mount or deck-mounted skylight, and if you choose a DIY approach or hire a professional for installation.

Residential vs. Commercial

Commercial installations often require more robust materials and possibly larger or custom skylight sizes, leading to higher costs. Here’s a comparison:

Installation Type
Cost Range
$1,000 to $2,500
$2,500 to $5,000

DIY vs. Professional Installation

While a DIY approach may seem like a way to save on labor costs, it’s important to consider the expertise and equipment needed for proper installation. The comparison is as follows:

Installation Method
Cost Range
$300 to $1,200
May not include potential repair costs
$1,000 to $2,500
Includes labor cost to install and often a warranty

A DIY skylight installation may reduce the project cost initially, but improper installation can lead to issues like leaks, leading to more expenses in the long run. Opting for professional installation ensures that the skylight is flush with the roof and is properly sealed, reducing the risk of future problems.

Do Skylights Increase The Cost of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Skylights can enhance a home’s appearance and bring in natural light, but some homeowners may worry about the potential impact on insurance costs. Generally speaking, adding a skylight may not significantly affect your homeowner’s insurance premium. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Quality of Installation: A properly installed skylight that is flush with the roof should not raise your insurance costs. Professional installation ensures the skylight is sealed correctly, reducing the risk of leaks and damage.
  • Type of Skylight: The type of skylight may influence insurance costs. For example, a ventilating skylight with remote control features might carry a higher premium due to increased complexity.
  • Location and Weather Factors: In areas prone to severe weather, adding a skylight may slightly increase insurance costs due to potential vulnerabilities.

Always consult with your insurance provider before installing a skylight to understand any potential changes to your premium. Often, the added value to a home and energy cost savings offset any minor increases in insurance. It’s worth crunching the numbers to add natural light to your space.

Sun Tunnel Installation Costs

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Skylight?

Replacing a skylight involves removing the existing skylight and installing a new one, including potential adjustments to the surrounding roof structure. The cost to replace a skylight depends on several factors:

  • Skylight Size and Type: As with initial installation, the size and type of the skylight influence the replacement cost. Whether it’s a fixed skylight or a more complex custom skylight will affect the price. A small skylight or tubular skylight can be the cheapest options.
  • Labor Cost: Professional skylight replacement can range from $500 to $1,500 for labor, depending on the complexity of the job. The type of skylight will also impact the cost of installaion.
  • Condition of the Existing Roof: If the existing roof around the skylight needs repairs or adjustments, this can add to the total cost.
  • Disposal of the Old Skylight: There might be additional costs for disposing of or recycling the old skylight.

Overall, the cost to replace a skylight can range from $1,000 to $3,000, including the skylight itself, labor, and additional costs. It is wise to obtain quotes from professional skylight installers to get an accurate estimate based on your specific situation.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Leaky Skylight?

Fixing a leaky skylight is a common concern for homeowners. Leaks can occur due to improper installation, weather-related wear and tear, or failure in the skylight’s seals. The cost to fix a leaky skylight largely depends on the cause of the leak.

If the leak is due to a simple sealing issue, repairs might be as low as $100 to $200. However, if the leak has led to other damages such as water-stained ceilings or damaged framing, the repair cost can escalate to around $500 or more.

Sometimes, the leak might indicate a more serious problem, like a flaw in the skylight design or a failure in the surrounding roof structure. In such cases, more extensive repairs or even a complete replacement might be required. This could lead to costs ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

It’s essential to have a professional inspect the leak to determine the exact cause and provide a detailed estimate. Timely repairs can prevent further damages and additional costs in the future.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Skylight?

Removing a skylight is a process that requires careful handling to ensure that the roof’s integrity is maintained. The cost of skylight removal depends on several factors, such as the size of the skylight, the type of roof, and the condition of the materials around the skylight.

On average, the cost to remove a skylight ranges from $400 to $1,500. This includes sealing the opening, installing new roofing materials to match the existing roof, and interior finishing like drywall and painting if necessary.

If there’s been any damage around the skylight area, such as water leaks or structural issues, the removal cost may increase. Consulting with a roofing professional will provide a clear picture of what the removal entails and what the exact costs will be.

Working with a skilled professional ensures that the skylight removal doesn’t lead to further issues such as leaks or structural weaknesses in the roof. Proper removal adds value to the home by maintaining a cohesive and strong roof structure.

In Conclusion

Installation Costs

Skylights provide a unique way to brighten up your space with natural light, but the costs can vary significantly. The average cost in 2023 for skylight installation ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on factors such as size, shape, type, and style. Careful consideration of these elements ensures the choice that best fits your home.

Additional Accessories

Skylight blinds and other accessories offer additional functionality, with costs that can differ based on features and type.

Residential vs. Commercial Costs

The installation process and costs can vary between residential and commercial properties. Opting for professional installation ensures quality and proper alignment with your budget. Skylight installaton requires construction knowledge and isn’t an easy task for beginners.

Insurance Costs

Although skylights may not greatly affect homeowner’s insurance premiums, consulting with your insurance provider can prevent unexpected changes.

Replacement and Repairs

From fixing a leaky skylight to replacing an existing one, costs can fluctuate based on the problem and labor required. It’s essential to understand these costs and consult with professionals when necessary.


Removing a skylight involves more than simply taking it out. The average cost ranges from $400 to $1,500, depending on various factors, including preserving the roof’s integrity.

Overall Value and Considerations When Buying Skylights

Investing in skylights can add value to a home and improve energy efficiency. Understanding the associated costs, from installation to potential repairs, plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. By focusing on these key areas, you can make informed choices that align with your home improvement goals and budget.

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