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Velux blind adaptor kit for Velux skylights manufactured prior to 2010. This kit is required to install new Velux shades or blinds on older model skylights.

  • ZZZ 232F for Fixed Skylights
  • ZZZ 232V for Venting Skylights

Upgrade Your Skylights

Velux Solar Skylight Shades

Add solar powered shades to your skylights to qualify for the solar tax credit.  Shade upgrades include remote control. Compatible with Velux ACTIVE Smart Home app (smart home starter kit not included). Call for custom colors and sizes.

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Light Filtering - White

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Velux Blind Adapter Kit ZZZ 232


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    Velux Blind Adapter Kit ZZZ 232 Product Details

    VELUX Blind Adapter Kit ZZZ 232

    The VELUX Blind Adapter Kit ZZZ 232 is a specialized kit designed to ensure seamless integration of your VELUX blinds with VELUX roof windows. This kit provides all the necessary components to adapt your VELUX blinds for optimal performance and a perfect fit.

    The Adapter Kit is an essential accessory if you’re looking to install a new VELUX blind on an existing VELUX window. It ensures that your blind fits perfectly and operates smoothly, enhancing your home’s comfort and light control.

    Quality Construction

    Made with high-quality materials, the components in the VELUX Blind Adapter offers long-lasting performance and durability. They are specifically designed to work seamlessly with VELUX blinds and windows, ensuring a perfect fit and smooth operation.

    Easy Installation

    The Blind Adapter Kit is easy to install, with a clear instruction guide included in the package. It offers a hassle-free solution to adapt your blinds, enhancing the functionality of your VELUX windows. Experience the perfect blend of light control, privacy, and style with your VELUX blinds, expertly fitted with the help of the VELUX Blind Adapter Kit.

    Please note: For best results, the installation of the Adapter Kit ZZZ 232 should be undertaken by a professional installer.


    Velux America Inc.

    Skylight Type

    Fixed Skylight, Venting Skylight


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